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Long gone are the days of the backpack army of cannabis farmers and agents selling weed in turkey bags, dispensary by dispensary.  As cannabis evolves into a mature industry, expansion strategies include in-state and new state supply chain collaborations, complex roll-ups, mergers and strategic acquisitions. 

Whether driven by growth or survival goals, the feasibility assessment, deal negotiations and implementation planning can be challenging. I've have helped leaders successfully evaluate these considerations and can help you too. 

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When capital markets are tight, business to business collaborations are an effective Expansion tool.  I've have helped leadership teams evaluate and execute on successful collaboration opportunities.


New Market Expansion

Cannabis enterprises are not just expanding to new regions, they're now expanding to new states and  even international markets .  I've helped clients evaluate, develop and implement new market expansion plans. 

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Mergers & Acquistions

In our industry, M&A is more frequently becoming an expansion tool as  companies seek to leverage combined assets to grow market share. I've helped executives and boards evaluate and execute on such transactions. 

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