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Why Hire a Consultant? 


For startups, it's the norm that founders become overwhelmed with how to prioritize the enormous volume of pressing tasks.  Having advised founders and having multiple time been a founder, I speak from experience. A consultant can clarify your path.


For more mature enterprise operators, they often ask "why would I spend critical capital for guidance from someone who doesn't intimately know my enterprise?" Solid question if everything is going to plan, but if the enterprise is in crisis, you might revisit that logic. 


Have you ever heard the saying "you can't read the contents label from inside the box?" There are times when deep subject matter expertise and decisional experience - alongside a dose of tough honesty -  can help operators unstick, rethink and retool operations and strategies. 


Finally, consultants can offer a neutral third party opinion. It's all too common for leadership teams to get tripped up on emotions, strong egos or internal politics that result in decisional deadlock.  An objective opinion of a trusted consultant  can cut through the deadlock, offering: 

  • Veteran industry perspective

  • Honest gut assessments

  • Creative solutions

  • Credible 3rd party validation

As a consultant I can help leadership cut through the internal noise, test assumptions and devise creative solutions to stubborn challenges.


Why Choose Me

It's often said that "being in the cannabis industry is a lot like building a jet plane  - while you're flying it."


Unlike most consultants, I'm not just a subject matter experts who speaks on panels or studied my clients in market. I've done that, but I've also actually built and managed cannabis companies. I've navigated the swift regulatory shifts; I've dodged more than a few bullets and frankly, I've taken a few too.  I have many many 3 am wake-ups covered in nervous panic, I assure you. 


You could choose a lawyer or consultant who has studied cannabis; but I think you'd do better with a counselor who has also been in your exact shoes, who has overcome your same crisis challenges and succeeded in building that same jet plane your are flying. 


That's why you should choose Kogan Consult. Whether you are seeking  general counsel or tactical business guidance, you have come to the right place.

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