Why Hire A Consultant


Good consultants help by delivering deep subject matter expertise and decisional experience to clients alongside an honest objective perspective.


However, it's not just decision making where consultants can add value. It's very common for leadership teams to get tripped up on emotions, strong egos or internal politics that result in decisional deadlock. 

Good consultants can help executives, leadership teams and boards craft solutions that cut through the deadlock by offering: 

  • Veteran outside perspective

  • Honest assessments

  • Creative solutions

  • Credible 3rd party validation


Why Choose Us

It's often said that "being in the cannabis industry is a lot like building a jet plane  - while you're flying it."


Unlike most consultants, we're not just subject matter experts who've studied our clients in market. We've actually built and managed cannabis companies ourselves. We've navigated the swift regulatory shifts; we've dodged more than a few bullets and frankly, we've taken a few too. 


You could choose a consultant who has studied their clients in this market; but we think you'd do better with an expert who has also been in your exact shoes, who has overcome your same crisis challenges and succeeded in building that same jet plane your are flying. 


That's why you should choose Gavin Kogan consult.