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Whether a business crisis is the result of miscalculation, regulatory change or unexpected market shifts, leadership teams often find themselves focusing not on growth, but on survival. 

Due to federal illegality, bankruptcy protection is unavailable to not just cannabis enterprises. Thus, cannabis turnaround strategy and implementation require considerable creativity and perseveranceI have helped cannabis leaders successfully navigate these circumstances and can help you too. 

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Business Reconfiguration

When markets tighten, leadership teams must quickly re-evaluate the business activity configuration to ensure value maximization.  I have assisted leadership teams develop and implement business reconfiguration and asset divestment strategies.


Creditor Containment

Enterprise distress is often caused by unsustainable debt. I have helped enterprises evaluate their debt "stack,"  develop and implement successful creditor containment, including tax obligation restructure. 

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Wind Up

Occasionally there are no remaining options and leaders have to make the difficult decision of business cessation.  I have helped leadership teams and shareholders navigate this difficult decision and implement a plan to avoid personal liability 

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