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Startups demand equal parts vision, planning and perseverance. However, in cannabis the most important leadership quality is the flexibility to creatively and quickly adapt to the changing landscape. That's why I say how well you plan is important; but how well you respond to the unexpected decides your fate. 


More common than not, Startups evolve into a business operations that are quite different than originally conceived yet still aligned with the founding vision. I've have helped Startups to navigate this unique dynamic and can help you, too.  Whether it's in the strategic analysis or nitty gritty of raising capital and carefully managing it's allocation, I can help you succeed. 




Startup founders often struggle with balancing the demands of "working on the business" and "working in the business."  I've have helped founders build an action plan to confidently build the enterprise while comfortably addressing daily business demands .  


Capital Raise

When to start raising capital for a Startup is as tough a decision as how to raise capital. I've helped executive  teams assess their capital needs, develop presentation assets and negotiate successful capital raise plans.

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Strategic Decisions

Cannabis regulatory changes and market dynamics frequently force founders to correct course. I've have helped leaders evaluate, develop and implement adaption strategies that survive significant market swings. 


Startup Conflicts

Startups can be emotional. Disputes frequently arise among founders and or shareholders.  Like all founders, I've experienced the same.  I am uniquely skilled at helping executives  find an objective perspective on such an issues and develop strategies to resolve conflicts without litigation or disrupting  enterprise viability. 

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