Gavin Kogan consult is a boutique consulting network assembled to provide Boards and Executive teams support and guidance to navigate the highly-dynamic cannabis industry. 


What We Do

We provide leadership teams and board directors with veteran cannabis industry expertise and guidance. 

We advise across the entire cannabis supply chain and with a special focus on cannabis Startups, Expansion and Turnarounds

Our network also includes a variety of targeted sub-specialities, including the following:

  • Site Selection, Licensing & Permitting

  • Financial Planning & Analysis

  • Tax Plan Analysis & Negotiation

  • M&A Analysis & Negotiation

  • Complex Dispute Resolution

Who is Gavin Kogan


Gavin was one of California's earliest cannabis "business" attorneys at a time when the terms business and cannabis were uncomfortable bedfellows.  In 2014, Gavin left the practice of law to cofound Indus Holding Company, which later went public and acquired Lowell Herb Co. In 2016, Gavin cofounded Grupo Flor, which has become a leading California retailer and brand builder with Emerald Cup recognition. 


He has operationally served in the cannabis industry as a lawyer, founder, Board member, Board chair and held executive roles of General Counsel, Chief Branding Officer and CEO. 

In addition, Gavin served in Washington D.C. on the Federal Advocacy Panel and is the cofounder of special interest advocacy groups CCMA and MCCIA.


To offer more comprehensive consulting services, he has assembled cannabis industry veterans across the entire supply chain to deliver guidance from people who bring not just knowledge, but first hand experience and battle scars.