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Advancing the cannabis industry

Changing the way we think about cannabis

Gavin Kogan is a well-recognized cannabis industry entrepreneur and thought leader. He has crafted companies, brands and trade associations that have advanced the industry and cannabis policy.  He is currently the co-founder and the Chairman of Grupo Flor, a multinational vertically-integrated cannabis company based in Salinas, CA. 

In his former career, as one of California's earliest cannabis business attorneys, Gavin helped guide many of California’s earliest cannabis entrepreneurs. He established the Cannabis Law Practice Group at L+G, LLP, a premiere agriculture business firm in Salinas, California., and has been instrumental in transitioning the industry to a regulated market on the Central Coast and throughout California. His creative enthusiasm for start-ups and scaling new businesses for growth is well suited to California's emerging cannabis industry.

​As an entrepreneur, Gavin has been prolific, co-founding numerous cannabis companies, brands and trade groups that showed leadership in areas such as high-quality low-dosage edibles (Altai Brands), branding harvest by-product (LitLZ flower brand), developing Prop 215 era manufacturer–distributorship business structures (Indus Holdings), a fully vertical cannabis supply chain business structure (Grupo Flor), a

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cannabis production equipment finance fund (Ag Pistil Fund), a Mexican national cannabis goods production enterprise (+Yayail), a Monterey County specific political advocacy group (MCCIA) and California manufacturers specific political advocacy group (CCMA), to name but a few.

As a tireless entrepreneur, Gavin believes the rise of cannabis as an industry is a cultural revolution powered by our nation’s deep yearning for greater respect of personal freedoms and improved social equities. In his mind, the nexus of this cultural revolution and the entrepreneurial opportunity is a once in a lifetime event that cannot be ignored. 


He is also an excellent addition to any speaker series or public event surrounding the cannabis industry and it is evident he truly enjoys the opportunity to share observations, experiences, humor and advice for the next generation of cannabis industry pioneers, investors and leaders.  

it starts with an idea...


Accepted in exchange for legal fees a co-founding role promoting a finger-tap actuated power shear for industrial cannabis trimming.

Began representing Big Sur and Cachagua cannabis growers in Monterey County seeking to formally comply with Prop. 215 laws.

Transition cannabis law practice to exclusively focus on helping cannabis operators throughout the California supply chain comply with Prop. 215 laws.


Became one of California's earliest business attorneys exclusively focused on representing California cannabis operators and investors.

Merged cannabis practice into Salinas agricultural law firm, L+G, LLP, increasing ability to offer land use and broader expertise to cannabis clients.

Began advocating for cannabis regulation in California’s central coast region and with California state senators and assembly members.

Commenced lobbying the City of Salinas for permission to assemble Altai brands within city limits (the city only banned cannabis dispensaries and cultivations.)


Obtained the first ever cannabis manufacturing license in the City of Salinas, California.

Developed the “ancient future” marking concept and launched production and distribution of the Altai brand throughout California.

Licensed Dixie Elixirs & Edibles for the California market (one of the earliest brand license transactions.)

Toured lawmakers, law enforcement and concerned public groups through Indus manufacturing facility to demystify the cannabis industry.  


Exited Indus Holding Co. management team and co-founded Grupo Flor, which roughly translates to “flower group” in Spanish.

Successfully lobbied the County of Monterey to become one of the first California counties to enact cannabis regulations.

Obtained master-leaseholds on many of Monterey greenhouses to sub-divide and lease to cannabis growers for profit and access to raw cannabis.

Consulted with the government of Puerto Rico on early cannabis regulatory concepts.


Co-founded Cannabis Extractors National Trade Association (CENTA) to standardize safety practices in volatile oil extraction processes.

Exited law practice and co-founded Indus Holding Co., to craft highest quality low-dosage chocolate confections under the brand name, “Altai.”


Led the permit application process for Grupo Flor entities that would collectively assemble a loose cannabis supply chain.

Developed Ag Pistil Fund, a cannabis centric equipment finance endeavor serving operators and de-risking cannabis investments.

Co-Founding Board Member of the California Cannabis Manufacturing Association (CCMA), initially to remove vertical market regulatory impediments.

Co-Founding Board Member of Monterey County Cannabis Industry Association (MCCIA), initially to reduce excessive county tax burdens.


Received Hartnell Ag Tech Leader award for business concept Ag Pistil Fund.

Received Silicon Valley Business Times award of 50 Top Innovators and Disruptors for Ag Pistil Fund.

Designed and launched a multitude of cannabis consumer brands LitLZ, Firesale, Opus Fleur, Opus Nektar

Designed and filed patents on a proprietary vaporizer flower pod project.

Co-developed the design concept for Grupo Flor’s flagship dispensary, East of Eden Cannabis Co.


Developed an international holding company in Netherlands to hold Grupo Flor’s international cannabis opportunity interests.

Consulted throughout the year with Mexican presidential staff and Senators to assist in the development of Mexico’s cannabis regulatory scheme.

Developed and launched Grupo Flor’s professional development program that rotates candidates through each part of the company’s supply chain.

Appointed by the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA) to its Federal Policy Advisors (FPA) program in Washington D.C.

Legislative Committee member of California Cannabis Industry Association.

Regularly met with California state lawmakers on behalf of CCMA to advocate for policies affecting cannabis manufacture and supply chain interests.