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Guiding Cannabis Enterprise

Startups        Expansion      Restructure  


Successfully navigating cannabis is all about the pivot. Plans are important; but how you pivot at the unexpected decides your fate.  


I'm not just a business attorney - I've cofounded two of California's larger cannabis companies. I have not just counseled cannabis clients, I've also been that client, navigating the turbulence of this emerging market. Few others can offer that unique combination and wealth of perspective.

Whether you are seeking outside general counsel or tactical business consulting, you've come to the right place."

- Gavin Kogan

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I've helped many founders strategize, prioritize and implement the enterprise vision.



I've helped leaders develop, implement and adjust expansion strategies as markets dictate. 



I've helped teams asses, plan and implement comprehensive restructure strategies.



The speed of the Cannabis Industry evolution is giving rise to more and more business disputes. 

As Expert Witness, I educate attorneys and jurists on how the cannabis supply chain works, but also provide insider context around cultural nuances, industry norms and how those have evolved over specific periods of time.


Pablo Baraldi.jpeg

Pablo Baraldi
Vert Pharma S.A. de CV
Mexico City, Mexico

Gavin helped us advocate for cannabis reform with Mexican senators early on. Since then, Gavin has been regularly advising us on our lab development and giving us guidance as our Mexican industry unfolds. He's  been hugely influential in our organizational development. 

Saphira Galoob.jpeg

Saphira Galoob, CEO
The Liason Group

Washington D.C. 

Once the cannabis industry finally settles and stabilizes, it will have people like Gavin Kogan to thank. He’s keenly aware of balancing the legacy roots of our industry pioneers, with the pragmatism and discipline necessary to create, manage and grow a tightly margined, capitol-starved and regulation strangled businesses. 

Mark Ainsworth.jpeg

Mark Ainsworth, CEO
Lowell Farms

Salinas, CA

Gavin is one of the good guys. Aside from loads of cannabis expertise, he has a real  talent for seeing trends and patterns in our fast evolving industry.


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