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CannaBusiness Lawyer Serving Monterey And All Of California

Entrepreneurs preparing to capitalize on the emerging markets for commercially available marijuana face an imposing obstacle: They need to begin formulating their business ventures now in the midst of legal uncertainty at both the state and federal levels. Attorney Gavin Kogan, however, can provide the answers that entrepreneurs need in this situation.

As an experienced business attorney currently active in the cannabusiness community through organizations such as ARCView, Mr. Kogan already knows how to advise cannabusinesses with respect to critical matters such as corporate formation issues and choice of entity matters. In doing so, he can deliver the legal guidance that cannabusiness entrepreneurs need: a knowledge of the law, not only as it is now, but as it will be in the future.

Direct And Ancillary Marijuana Business Attorney Serving Santa Cruz And All Of California

In advising clients with respect to their cannabusiness interests, Mr. Kogan draws on his years of experience as a business attorney. He has built his career by advising sophisticated business clients throughout California regarding their most complicated concerns.

This experience provides him with the seasoned legal judgment that cannabusiness clients need during these transitional years for the cannabusiness industry. Mr. Kogan skillfully combines his knowledge of standard business law with his knowledge of the laws governing the commercial availability of recreational marijuana.

His knowledge of these laws, in fact, extends well past California to embrace the status of the laws, both federal and state, throughout the country. As a result, Mr. Kogan can offer clients the comprehensive knowledge they need to make intelligent choices from the legal options available to them. With this guidance in hand, cannabusinesses throughout California will be able to conduct their ventures confidently, thereby maximizing their profitability and knowledgeably managing legal risk.

More Than Medical Cannabis: Monterey Area Attorney Serving Cannabusinesses Throughout California

Discuss your cannabusiness-related questions with an attorney who already understands your industry and where it is going in the future. Call lawyer Gavin Kogan today at 800-539-4214 to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. Potential clients can also contact Mr. Kogan's office online. All discussions between Mr. Kogan and any potential clients remain entirely confidential.

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